Anyone can start playing tennis, no matter their age or skill level

We’re introducing the greatest game to a whole new generation. Tennis is more fun and easier than ever. With smaller courts, shorter tennis racquets and balls that bounce slower and lower, beginner players – especially kids – can learn more easily and quickly.

When your child plays tennis, they will achieve greater physical activity and feel successful right from the start because playing tennis incorporates aerobic exercise, improves balance, agility and hand-eye coordination, and teaches self-confidence and self-assurance.

Additional Entry Level Team Based Programs


Team Challenge is a low-pressure team environment that allows children to develop their skills through level-based play without an emphasis on instruction or results!

Team Tournament

Team Tournament is an innovative way for children to gain match experience, develop their skills through level-based play and demonstrate good sportsmanship!


Tennis provides numerous benefits beyond just good health and activity. Kids learn teamwork, communication, balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and self-reliance, all while having fun and making friends.

Net Generation makes it easier than ever to reap those rewards with tools, resources and information to help your child on their journey.

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